New hope primitive baptist church

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church was organized in 1825 in a community known as Shady Grove between what is now Atwood and Milan, Tennessee. The building was located on the south fork of the Obion River. An old cemetery still can be found near this spot where many of the old pioneer settlers of this area are buried. After the Civil War, the church was moved to the Whitthorne community on Highway 104 a few miles east of Milan. Presently, New Hope Baptist Church (located on Highway 70), a black church, came out of New Hope Primitive Baptist Church; also the First Baptist Church of Milan came out of New Hope Primitive Baptist Church after the split over “missions”.

The church remained in the Whitthorne community until 1941 at which time the U.S.. Government purchased all the land in that area to build the Milan Arsenal before World War II. Being forced to sell their church house and acreage, the church purchased a lot and built a new church house on West Main Street in Milan where the church is presently located.

Much of the history of New Hope PBC has been lost due to a fire in the home of the clerk which destroyed the original church minute books. The Articles of Faith, Rules of Decorum and Church Covenant remain the same as when the church was constituted. It is regretted that the long history of the church is not on record; but the same doctrine and practice of “the faith of our fathers” has remained the same throughout the years.

Through what records we have of the Forked Deer & Big Sandy Associations of which New Hope has been a member, we find the following names of Elders who have served as pastor: M.L. Bullington, Sam H. Meals, W. E. Brush, R.C. Taylor and Zack Stallings. Elder Stallings served the church as pastor for over 30 years. He was pastor when the church moved from the Arsenal area to Milan. Since 1941, the following have pastured the church: W.A. Bishop, T.L. Webb Sr., B.D. Bryant, J .W. Douglas, T.L. Webb Jr., Elder T.L. Webb Jr. served as pastor of the church for over 50 years, Elder Tim Montgomery, and the current pastor Elder Mike Roberts.

The church continues to meet each Sunday morning at 10:30 and each Sunday evening at 6:00 as well as various other times with special meetings and appointments for visiting ministers. It has 50 members, many of whom are young in years. It is our prayer that God will help us to continue to hold fast to the “old paths” wherein our fathers trod and, like them, find rest to our souls.