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03/08/2020Paul Blair Entering Into The Kingdom

Download Paul_Blair(1).mp3
02/23/2020Sam Bryant Influence of the Gospel of Grace

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01/14/2020Lonnie Mozingo, Jr Elder Lonnie Mozingo, Jr
2 Corinthians 1:8
Download Lonnie_Mozingo.mp3
12/08/2019Paul Blair Rest and Labor
Hebrews 3:19, 4:1-11
Download Paul_Blair.mp3
11/10/2019Danny Ferrell Tempted and Tried
Matthew 4:1-11
Download Danny_Ferrell(1).mp3
10/29/2019Ronald Lawrence Faithful Creator
1 Peter 4:19
Download Ronald_Lawrence(2).mp3

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 Ezekiel 7:20 (KJV)
As for the beauty of his ornament, he set it in majesty: but they made the images of their abominations [and] of their detestable things therein: therefore have I set it far from them.
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